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Our Goals

The members of RARE have banded together to implement an outreach effort in rural areas of the state. The intent is to stimulate job creation and economic development, and to promote energy security and independence. RARE addresses regional renewable energy options and opportunities. The focus is on the development and use of renewable energy resources and technologies by these rural communities.

This is being accomplished primarily through a series of Development Forum & Expo events in several key rural hub communities across the state. These Forums include information on large-scale wind and transmission, small-scale wind, solar photovoltaics and solar thermal, ethanol and biodiesel, biogas, and geothermal heat pumps. Each Forum serves as a catalyst to spark the leaders and citizens of these communities to explore incorporating renewable energy into their economic development package.

RARE also serves as a renewable energy related information sharing and activity coordination entity between member organizations and agencies through its periodic planning meetings.


About RARE

RARE Coordinator:

Travis Brown
Texas Office of Rural Community Affairs

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